Once we finalized which projects made the cut for our remodel, RBE got to work. The first project to get underway was removing the horrible popcorn ceilings throughout the house. When we stopped by the house to check on the progress, we felt like we were walking into an episode of that creepy show ‘Dexter.’ Plastic was draped all over the house and there was popcorn mess everywhere we looked. Not that we needed one, but it was basically a giant confirmation that we made the right decision tackling that job before we moved into the house.

Once most of the ceilings were smoothed out, the rest of the demo began. Cover plates came off the walls, outdated hardware was removed from the doors, all flooring that wasn’t wood flooring was ripped up and the kitchen was deconstructed piece by piece.


It was so exciting to see the kitchen as a blank slate.

And that excitement ramped up even more when the drywall into the great room came down and the doorway into the dining room was widened. My vision for the back of our house was coming to life.

We couldn’t wait to see those remaining studs come down. And with the majority of demo behind us, I turned my attention to nailing down all the details that would take our house into turn it into our home.

PS-Want to see more behind the scenes of our remodel? You can head to my Instagram highlights ‘remodel: pt.1’ and ‘remodel: pt. 2’ to see all the videos and pictures we took throughout the process.