Hi, I’m Gabbi!  While working at my former corporate finance job, my hubby and I purchased a 1950’s fixer upper that was my creative outlet.  Some friends and family took notice of our remodel and started hinting that I should try my hand at more creative pursuits.  It wasn’t until debilitating chronic illness forced me out of both the corporate world and my comfort zone that I seriously began to consider it.

A funny thing happens when your life, as you know it, gets dismantled.  You realize that you can begin to put it back together based on what lights you up, rather than what is familiar and safe.  After convincing my hubby to take a major leap of faith and move to a city and state we barely knew, I decided it was time to take a personal leap by following my passion for interiors.  My favorite thing about design is injecting new life into a space and witnessing the transformation that takes place.  I am excited to extend my creative vision past the walls of our home and bring it to you.  My goal is to help you create a space that is your haven.

I hope you follow along as I share this new venture, the remodel of our home and everything in between while we soak up the pure magic that is living in Wilmington, NC.